Our Customer Focus

How We Serve Our Customers

  • Blockchain Freight Management

    Blockchain Freight Management

  • Refrigerated Truckload

    Refrigerated Truckload

  • Dry Van

    Dry Van

  • Flatbed


  • Intermodal


  • International Air & Ocean

    International Air & Ocean

  • Less than Truckload

    Less than Truckload

Risk & Quality Management

  • Insurance


    Our AA-rated credit insurance company allows our customers to have the highest level of protection for their shipping needs. Your peace of mind is our top priority, so our coverage insurance includes $1 million in auto liability (with an additional $12 million umbrella policy), $250,000 in cargo insurance, and $1 million of omissions and errors insurance.

  • Carrier Selection

    Carrier Selection

    Our rigorous carrier selection process ensures we offer carriers you can trust that deliver consistent on time performance. Our proprietary system analyzes every carrier to determine whether they meet our strict financial and service performance criteria. We evaluate the best carrier for your specific load, every single time.

  • Liability Control

    Liability Control

    With liability management, we have gone the extra mile with our proprietary software to limit any risk with our carriers in moving your shipments. We use blockchain to facilitate in an ongoing rigorous check for gps tracking, carrier monitoring, carrier analysis, quality management and carrier updates. Our team continuously pushes the industry bar which ensures our customers shipments move risk free.

We Get It

  • One Point of Contact

    One Point of Contact

    We believe a strong relationship with you requires trust and reliability from us, that’s why we offer a dedicated point of contact. Your contact will learn your business model to effectively execute your specific needs. Your one point of contact will make sure to exceed your expectations every time.

  • Transparency is Key

    Transparency is Key

    Our proprietary system allows you to understand the full situation at hand during any moment of the day. Our transparency is a core strength we pride ourselves on. Things happen, and that’s why our team offers accurate information in a timely manner to always find a solution. By being transparent, we have continued to build trust with our customers as they see the added value our team offers.

  • Contact Us

    Contact Us

    At WEcommerce we are available 24/7 for 365 days. That means we are here for you any time, day or night. We know sometimes things can be unpredictable and that is why we are always here for you. We will always get back to you in a timely manner and you will never get a voicemail with our team.

  • GPS Tracking

    GPS Tracking

    At WEcommerce we have gps tracking on all loads as we work with third-party gps systems that network within our blockchain model to provide accurate and reliable locations of your shipment at any given time. We believe in peace of mind for our customers so with gps and blockchain it allows us to be transparent at any given moment.

  • Our Team

    Our Team

    At WEcommerce our team is second to none. We work effectively with our clients to problem solve any issues that may arise, 24/7/365. Our analysts work to make sure we are making the best decisions on your behalf at all times. WIth years of experience in logistics, vendor relationships, and transportation, our team can execute on any task at hand.

  • Mode of Transportation

    Mode of Transportation

    WEcommerce’s worldwide carrier network allows us to change the game when it comes to executing the highest level of service for our customers. We listen to our customers and make sure you have the most reliable service support when it matters most. Due to our stringent carrier policy we make sure you get your loads moved with a peace of mind everytime. Our multilingual and diverse carrier capacity allows us service your immediate needs no matter the mode of transportation.

  • Software


    Our proprietary software continues to be on the cutting edge with our blockchain capability on our shipments along with the EDI support as we have made moving our clients shipments stress free. We continue to grow our proprietary software to ensure our customers have peace of mind with every move of their shipment.

  • Financial Backing

    Financial Backing

    Being financially backed allows us to exceed carrier payment expectations. We are one of the fastest paying in the industry and execute with no delay. Our reliable payments ensure consistent carrier capacity to facilitate a growth in our partnership.

  • Nationwide Carrier Network

    Nationwide Carrier Network

    Our Nationwide Carrier Network includes common carriers, dedicated fleets, private fleets. We partner with all levels of carriers to create a win-win situation for our customers. We believe in understanding the service level our carriers can bring to our clients. It is our job to make sure we route our carriers as efficient and effective as possible for a win-win situation for the carrier and our customer.

Commit To Excellence

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit." Aristotle